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Are you curious about the intersection of fashion, technology, and music? Have you ever dreamed of crafting wearable musical instruments? Welcome to the Pomposa Project, an e-wearables course ingeniously directed by Mr. E.

The Pomposa Project is an innovative experience comprising seven inspiring workshops and performances to spark creativity in individuals of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Built around the STEAM approach, this project encourages hands-on exploration and creation, leaving the coding to us while you focus on the design and functionality of the wearables.

This project champions a positive learning attitude, fostering transformative competencies, particularly creating new value. By promoting critical thinking and creativity, participants discover various problem-solving approaches and collaborate with others to navigate complex challenges.

The Pomposa Project invites everyone to unleash their creativity, harness their artistic passion, and uncover unexpected aspects of music-making. It shatters stereotypes, promotes collaboration, and celebrates new ideas. The STEAM approach creates an enjoyable learning experience, empowering participants to embrace new ideas and transform them into their own – a critical competency for thriving in an unpredictable future.

If you're a creative mind eager to merge fashion, tech, and music, join us in the Pomposa Project!

Stay creative,
The Conductive Music Team