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Introducing "STEAM Starters" - a pioneering online course where Music, Computing, and foundational subjects like Math, Science, and Geography dance harmoniously. Every lesson is crafted to illuminate young minds, blending fun-filled exploration with core STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) principles. From the rhythms of the animal kingdom in 'Melodic Menagerie' to the musical directions of 'Audio Arrows', we've engineered a symphonic learning experience.

'Sonic Spectrum' invites kids to paint with colours and sounds, while 'Melodic Calculation' turns numbers into melodies. With engaging apps like Makey Makey and comprehensive lessons such as 'Beat Box Vibes' and 'Melodic Mapping', this course is an immersive journey through the world of STEAM.

But "STEAM Starters" isn’t just about teaching subjects; it's about kindling the fire of creativity, innovation, and discovery in the next generation. We're guiding children to be consumers and innovative creators in a tech-driven world. Perfect for budding musicians, tech enthusiasts, or any child with a curious heart, our course promises a transformative learning experience. Enrol today, and let the harmonious journey of "STEAM Starters" begin!