0 _ Introduction

Welcome STEAM Machines,

We are pleased to introduce you to yet another Musical adventure. This time, we tackle Math, Coding and Music, into one, incredible calculator.

In this course, you will learn about music, coding, science, the physics of games, pixel art, animation, and lots and lots of maths. Have you ever thought that, one day, you'd be able to learn math, while playing a Space Invader-like game?

We use the Microsoft Arcade platform, part of MakeCode, so you can safely work on an anonymous cloud, just through your browser. Save your code, share it, build together, embed it, and obviously play it straight from the browser!

This course is particularly suited for the Year 3 and 4, and was kindly funded by the Shine Trust foundation, with support from Drapers Brookside Primary School, The Havering Music School and Rotherham Music.

Try the first lesson on us and see how you get on – we look forward to hosting you online and guiding you through all these wonderful adventures!