Hello and welcome to our course!

In these videos, Yui and Enrico will guide you through lots of innovative ways to learn and be creative with free digital apps.

We introduce you to the Chrome Music Lab, a suite of free creative apps, perfect to the littlest pupils. We progress onto Scratch Junior, a wordless block-based coding environment, for those who cannot yet read, but want to approach the world of coding in a smooth and easy way.

The bonus content requires hardware, to be purchased separately: Makey Makey and TouchMe! available through the manufacturers' websites, Amazon/Ebay or your local electronics or computer stores.

This course has been designed with the National Curriculum for Year 1 and 2 in mind, but everybody is welcome!

For teachers

These lessons can be used to deliver an Arts Award Explore or Discovery. This is why we have included three fabulous, remote concerts in Lesson 6, as well as Sharing session ideas in Lesson 7. 

Lessons 8-10 are optional, since they require additional hardware (Makey Makey and TouchMe!). We have been using both for many years and strongly support their educational value.

We hope you will enjoy the course and, for any questions, help and support, please contact us at [email protected]