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Access unique, cross-disciplinary, National Curriculum-tailored courses, which seamlessly merge the arts with child- and school-friendly technologies.

Learn with us! We combine Music, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and more, to create engaging, gamified experiences.

Entice your students, develop their resilience and help opening pathways to rewarding careers in the Creative and Cultural Industries.

Introduce your students to free pieces of software, accessible both at school and at home, for the perfect blended learning experience!

Deliver lessons using our videos, slides, lesson plans, and homework sets. Guide your students through mind-blowing learning experiences!!

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Because making, breaking, and learning through play is awesome!

STEAM Corner is...

We break down complicated concepts through experiential learning and gamification, to make knowledge accessible by everyone.

We trial all software and hardware through hundreds of workshops to select the most effective and school-friendly technologies.


We provide a friendly environment for experimentation, where failure is embraced and used as a cornerstone of effective learning.

We are musicians, designers, storytellers and, most of all teachers. We use the arts as a means to motivate, inspire, and share.

Use our courses to boost problem solving, logical thinking, and troubleshooting. We do it through gamification, new technologies, and irresistible animations and sounds.


Includes: Videos, Lesson Plans, Slides and printable Homework sets. Everything you need for effective teaching!


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Parent Cornwall

My son has really enjoyed the course. Your expertise and patience was first class. More please!

Year 5 student Tyne and Wear

The quality of the game was great and the coding difficulty was OK. Above all, Mr Bert, Miss Yui and the Conductive Music Team all did very well in planning, creating, and teaching.

KS 2 Teacher Tower Hamlets

These workshops awakened the pupils' awareness of how technology can create music with the physical presence of instruments; it is an excellent opportunity to enhance their coding skills too.

KS 1 Teacher Bournemouth

This was a really enjoyable activity. The children were really excited to develop their skills throughout the session. It has fantastic cross curricular links that can be referred to within the classroom setting. Thank you very much!