Our Courses

Each course has been carefully designed to mix Arts and STEM subjects and skills, with multiple entry points. We carefully analysed the National Curriculum and created cross-disciplinary links to provide an exciting, enriching and engaging learning pathway for all learners.

Here at Conductive Music, we are all teachers, artists and technologists. We tested all these projects with students across England and are very proud to share these resources with you. We hope you will enjoy and always welcome your feedback or suggestions for new courses.

Check the introductory videos below, or click on 'Start Learning' to preview the first lesson of each course, FREE!!

Year 1/2

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STEAM Starters

A lively online fusion of Music, Computing, and core subjects tailored to ignite children's creativity and love for STEAM. Enrol and start creating now!

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Stay Creative

Learn Rhythm, perfect Handwriting, Song signs, arpeggios, make music through your writings, for unforgettable STEAM experiences.

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Designed with the Year 1 and 2 pupils in mind, this course introduces you to free and easy to use creative apps, for music, drawing and even coding!

Year 3/4

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Musical Calculator

Maths, music, games? Embark on this unique Musical Calculator Adventure - embrace the epitome of STEAM. Be the ultimate creator!

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Scratch: skills and thrills

Code to stop the Great Fire of London, to learn photosynthesis, and even to discover the music of rocks!

Year 5/6



Dive into Kaki-Hatchi at STEAM Corner: blend Japanese legends with game design. Explore coding, storytelling, pixel art, and music across nine lessons. Join now!

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Learn how to combine music, storytelling, coding and pixel art in your very own video game!
Join us in this unique adventure, no prior knowledge needed.

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Musical Video Games

Embark on this unique Musical Video Game adventure - embrace the epitome of STEAM. Be the ultimate creator!

Year 7/8

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STEAM Symphony

Uncover the harmony of STEAM education through innovative music creation using BandLab. Explore, learn, and create in this inspiring journey.

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Pomposa E-Wearables

Discover the transformative power of e-wearables: fostering creativity and shaping the future of music-making.

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Jack, composer by trade, will guide you through creative composition techniques on the free SoundTrap music software. Designed for Year 7/8 students.